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Knowledge is power!

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The 18th Century is a time of unparalleled advancement in science and technology. The world is being settled. Great thinkers and philosophers are penning their seminal works. New inventions are being created daily. Many eager young students long to be the next Newton, or Copernicus, or Galilei. But who will add their name to the list of greats and be remembered throughout time?

In Newton, players take on the role of students in 18th Century Europe. During their turn, they will play cards from their hand in order to perform Actions of various types. They will attend Universities, research using dusty tomes, and train their own students. There’s more than one path to victory, as there’s no one way to become a true intellectual giant.

Antall spillere 1-4
Alder 14+
Spilletid 90 minutter
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